Norwalk is a coastal town in Connecticut with a little bit of everything –a lively restaurant scene, summer festivals, beach access, and plenty of fitness facilities – from boxing gyms to yoga studios and tennis clubs. Here are a few of my favorite outdoor activities to do in Norwalk:

•Bike around Calf Pasture Beach or get a group together for a game of volleyball

•Walk the trails of Cranbury Park woods – dogs welcome!

•Kayak around the Norwalk Islands - just one mile off Calf Pasture beach, the chain of small islands stretch four miles wide, making for an easy day of paddling and exploring

•Take a sailing or windsurfing class at Norwalk Sailing School

•Play a round of golf at Oak Hills Park, an 18 hole public golf course

•Gear up for your next adventure at my favorite store REI!

If you live in Norwalk and are looking for ways to improve your fitness levels and overall health and wellbeing, you may consider personal training. I offer in-home personal training to clients in Norwalk who are looking for the convenience, privacy and accountability of in-home training.