“Brad came highly recommended to me by a friend who’s opinion I value greatly! I can wholeheartedly say, she did not steer me wrong. Taking the plunge and deciding to train with Brad was one of the best decisions I made throughout my entire wedding planning process. The benefits of working out with Brad have extended far beyond just my wedding day. I have gone from looking at working out as a chore to enjoying the challenge and the time I get to focus on my well being. On day one, I explained my goals to Brad and without a doubt, every single work out was geared to achieve those goals.

Brad took care to constantly change our workouts, pushing my limits to do things I never thought I was capable of. Feeling bored or tired of doing the same thing was next to impossible. By the time my wedding rolled along, I was in the best shape of my life. Despite being an athlete in my younger years, I achieved a whole new level of fitness and conquered my fear of running and weight training at the gym. Brad also helped me to change my way of eating and recommended a plan that was actually sustainable. Beyond Brad’s success as a personal trainer, he is a great person who truly cares for his clients! It goes without saying that I would recommend Brad to anyone who is looking to take their health and fitness seriously and finally achieve their goals!”

— Carmina M. Norwalk, CT

“I started working out with Brad because I wanted to get back in shape after having a second child and I needed to have “no excuse” for working out. In just a few months, my weight and fitness were back to where they were before the baby. I had always been self motivated and athletic, but I continued to work out with Brad because scheduling a regular appointment was the only way I could consistently get a great work out with 2 small children and a full time job. That same summer, my husband started working out with us as well, which made it even more fun and we added a second time per week as we were dedicated to improving our overall health. 

Over the next few months, I started noticing that I was actually in better shape and had a greater fitness level than ever before in my adult life, so I continued to work out with Brad while being pregnant with our third child. As soon as I could after she was born, I started working out with Brad again and I was amazed at how fast I got back into shape - I had the strength and stamina I wanted and needed to keep up with three active kids and a large dog. 

The only problem I have is now that I’ve lost so many inches, I have had to buy new clothes because many things have become too big! I credit Brad with consistent, thoughtful, safe and educational workouts in a comfortable, home setting and his willingness to always help keep an eye on the kids! Thank you Brad!”

— Caroline C. Darien, CT

“As a former High School/College Athlete, I never thought I would want or need to hire a personal trainer to get me back into my desired shape. For the two years prior to working with Brad, I let myself slip into that comfortable relationship stage where you are happy, eating, and have not a care in the world.... until you realize how far into the weight gain black hole you’ve gone. 

I got engaged in April and tried to start getting back into shape on my own for my October wedding. A year later, I was very frustrated since I was not making the progress that used to come so easily in my early 20’s. I decided to turn to another route, and I could not be happier that I did! After my first meeting with Brad, I realized he was the person I needed to help keep me motivated. He is very friendly, has a great sense of humor, yet knows how to make you feel bad about yourself (in a positive way!) if you aren’t trying hard enough!! There was a huge emphasis on diet and muscle building, which in the past I didn’t focus on enough. I did two sessions a week for 6 months, and the results were awesome. On my wedding day, I looked slim and toned, and I also felt great. I highly recommend Brad to any bride or woman looking to get back on the right track for your special day or just in general. He kept my goal in mind at every session, and tailored the workouts to what I needed and kept them fresh and different. Thank you Brad!!”

— Kathleen C. Greenwich, CT

“Having recently moved to CT, I was looking for a trainer to help me get back into a regular workout routine that could fit into my busy schedule. I’ve had trainers on and off over the last 15 years and know the value they bring by not only keeping me focused on staying in shape but also pushing me harder than I would normally push myself. My busy schedule prevents me from having time to go to a gym, so having someone come to my home was very important to me.

I found Brad’s website and decided to meet him to discuss my fitness goals and his approach. I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and conscientious so I signed on for two sessions a week. He comes to every session prepared with a workout tailored to my goals, abilities and that are focused on correcting areas I might be having issues with, for example when I had lower back pain from a recent injury suffered on vacation. In a one hour session, I get a full body workout that is challenging yet fun. He mixes up the routines so they continue to be interesting. He lets me whine and adjusts my workout to exercises I like to do vs. exercises I can’t stand. In addition to that, Brad has a great personality, makes me laugh, and has come to be a friend. He is now working out with my boyfriend Jeff as well. We have double sessions on Saturdays and are both very pleased with our progress. 

I highly recommend Brad for helping you reach your fitness goals. While I think having a trainer is very beneficial, I also know that it’s up to me to follow through, continue working out on my own and eating a healthy diet. If you can do your part, hiring Brad will almost certainly ensure you’ll reach your goals.”

— Lisa C. Old Greenwich, CT

“I was turning 40, and after 3 kids and 7 years of not exercising, I decided it was time to get back in shape. That’s when I met Brad, and I have been training with him ever since.

Brad has made it easy and fun for me to keep in shape. Every workout is different and incorporates a variety of techniques and training equipment. I have never been a great runner, but this past year I ran my first half-marathon and crossed the finish line feeling strong! I’ve set and achieved goals that I never dreamed possible - and now at 43 I am in the best shape of my life. 

I highly recommend training with Brad - he’s a great motivator and an excellent resource for fitness and nutrition. Plus, he’s become a wonderful friend.”

— Karen O. North Stamford, CT

“Creative, demanding, persuasive and trustworthy are a few words I would use to describe Brad as my personal trainer.

I’ve worked with various trainers prior to Brad - at various well known gyms - I was never fully satisfied with their commitment to creating a personalized plan for ME. I wanted a motivated trainer that was enthusiastic and willing to devote time to creating a workout regime that was right for me and my needs. Brad promised a commitment to do just that.

He delivered.

Under his guiding hand in our first year of training together I completed my first 5k (not having been able to run a mile when we started), completed the grueling Mt. Snow Tough Mudder and walked down my wedding aisle feeling 100% confident that my body was in the best shape of my life.

Thank you, Brad!”

— Jessica E. New Canaan, CT

“As most experienced runners eventually do, I had hit an athletic plateau in my training and found myself running several marathons falling short of my goals. I knew enough that I needed to do things differently and consult the advice of an experienced professional.

I came to Brad with a very specific athletic goal. To set a marathon personal record (PR) of 3:30, while placing in the Clydesdale division of the Hartford ING Marathon.

Brad gauged my physical fitness, measured body fat, and assessed my dietary intake. He acknowledged my frustrations and experience, and assured me that my goals were attainable with some changes to training, diet, and a lot of hard work. He took the time to put together a strength training & dietary plan, and we began a three month plan that transformed my body and improved my performance. I got leaner and faster. Brad helped me push through my athletic plateau and for that I am forever grateful.

I am proud to say I met my goal expectations. I ran a 3:27 PR in Hartford and placed second in my division. What I didn’t expect was the friendship and respect of another trained athlete. Brad remains a friend & trusted resource. I would recommend his services to beginners or the most experienced of athletes.”

— Ron A. Stamford, CT

“ Brad is the best trainer I’ve ever had. He combines encyclopedic knowledge of various exercises with practical judgment based on experience about what regimen best fits your physical condition and your aims.

I’m a sixty year old male office worker. Having always been lean, my goal is not weight loss. I need to develop core strength to support better posture and develop cardio capacity to manage moderate hypertension. Brad has tailored my exercise program very efficiently and I’ve made steady progress in a short time.

My experience has been that Brad is unusually talented at customizing his wide knowledge of exercise alternatives to each client’s situation: age, condition, aims matched to a realistic schedule. If you work with Brad, you’ll see steady results without any injuries or setbacks.”

— Jeff B. Old Greenwich, CT

“Two years ago I started training with Brad after running a few 1/2 marathons and wanting to improve my time and lose weight. At the time I weighed 188 pounds and was running a 1/2 Marathon in 1:54:50. I was becoming very complacent with my training and I started to recognize that I needed an extra push to get to my goals. My greatest obstacle in reaching my goals was my own self-confidence in what I could achieve. From the very first day I trained with Brad he helped build my physical strength and self-confidence.

Brad did a great job at keeping me motivated and challenged throughout the past two years even when I was pain in the ass and did not see what I was capable of doing. There was a stretch where I pretty much gave up and gained all the weight I lost. I deemed myself a lost cause. However, Brad saw past that and got me back on track with new exercise circuits that challenged me in new ways with quick results. Two years later I am down 30lbs and dropped 14 minutes on my 1/2 Marathon time. The proof is in the numbers. Brad’s training worked!

If you are looking for a motivating and dedicated trainer who will get you whatever results you are looking for, then I would recommend Brad!”

— Brian B. Stamford, CT

“I have trained with Brad for the past 2 years and he has definitely changed my attitude towards working out. I used to think I only had time to work out 2 times a week but with Brads motivation, I don’t feel right unless I’m working out 4 times a week. What I love most is that he always challenges me to do what I don’t think I can do, such as 20 push-ups (and not the girl kind!).

With Brads expertise and motivation I am definitely in the best shape of my life! It was great to hear everyone comment on how toned I looked walking down the aisle at my wedding! All of my friends want to know what my work out routine is and who my trainer is, and of course I always highly recommend Brad.”

— Stephanie K. North Stamford, CT

“Three years ago I was coming off of a significant health issue and was completely out of shape. As a former athlete, I didn’t think I needed help to reach my goals. After five months of “working out” but not getting close to results I wanted, I started training with Brad on a recommendation from a friend.

After a just a few sessions, I completely trusted him. He listened to what I wanted to accomplish and we put a plan in place to achieve them and to my amazement the results happened exactly as planned! Over the last few years, I have had a variety of goals from weight loss to toning to training for a half marathon and Brad has created a workout plan to reach all of my goals.

In the process, he has completely transformed my lifestyle and approach toward both fitness and nutrition. Brad is a fantastic person and it shows in his training. He is supportive, motivating, and a good pain the butt. Training with Brad has been a huge positive influence on my life. I highly recommend him for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals!”

— Cindy L. Stamford, CT

“I began working with Brad a year before my wedding and I was skeptical. Mostly, I was convinced that I would not be able to get into the shape that I envisioned for my wedding. However, Brad far exceeded my expectations and pushed me to achieve results that I never dreamed of. He not only helped me reach my goal, he also helped redesign my entire lifestyle. He explained that dieting alone was not the answer so in addition to a workout routine, he included a meal plan that was easy to follow and incorporate into my everyday life.

Brad overhauled my lifestyle including the way I eat and my exercise habits by combining those two aspects of my life. From day one we worked on a plan that was specially designed for me and my goals. He made every workout a challenge while pushing me to limits I never thought I could reach. But most of all he made it fun and exciting for me. I never dreaded going to a workout, but rather looked forward to them (and still do).

By the time my wedding day arrived, I was so thrilled with my results that I have continued to work with Brad and for two years. He helped me change my life into something I never thought was possible. The changes I have made have become a positive part of who I am, and I have Brad to thank for everything!”

— Lisa P. Stamford, CT