Brian B, Stamford

“Two years ago I started training with Brad after running a few 1/2 marathons and wanting to improve my time and lose weight. At the time I weighed 188 pounds and was running a 1/2 Marathon in 1:54:50. I was becoming very complacent with my training and I started to recognize that I needed an extra push to get to my goals. My greatest obstacle in reaching my goals was my own self-confidence in what I could achieve. From the very first day I trained with Brad he helped build my physical strength and self-confidence.

Brad did a great job at keeping me motivated and challenged throughout the past two years even when I was pain in the ass and did not see what I was capable of doing. There was a stretch where I pretty much gave up and gained all the weight I lost. I deemed myself a lost cause. However, Brad saw past that and got me back on track with new exercise circuits that challenged me in new ways with quick results. Two years later I am down 30lbs and dropped 14 minutes on my 1/2 Marathon time. The proof is in the numbers. Brad’s training worked!

If you are looking for a motivating and dedicated trainer who will get you whatever results you are looking for, then I would recommend Brad!*”

Bradley WiedlComment