Caroline C, Darien

“I started working out with Brad because I wanted to get back in shape after having a second child and I needed to have “no excuse” for working out. In just a few months, my weight and fitness were back to where they were before the baby. I had always been self motivated and athletic, but I continued to work out with Brad because scheduling a regular appointment was the only way I could consistently get a great work out with 2 small children and a full time job. That same summer, my husband started working out with us as well, which made it even more fun and we added a second time per week as we were dedicated to improving our overall health. 

Over the next few months, I started noticing that I was actually in better shape and had a greater fitness level than ever before in my adult life, so I continued to work out with Brad while being pregnant with our third child. As soon as I could after she was born, I started working out with Brad again and I was amazed at how fast I got back into shape - I had the strength and stamina I wanted and needed to keep up with three active kids and a large dog. 

The only problem I have is now that I’ve lost so many inches, I have had to buy new clothes because many things have become too big! I credit Brad with consistent, thoughtful, safe and educational workouts in a comfortable, home setting and his willingness to always help keep an eye on the kids! Thank you Brad!*”

Bradley WiedlComment