Cindy L, Stamford

“Three years ago I was coming off of a significant health issue and was completely out of shape. As a former athlete, I didn’t think I needed help to reach my goals. After five months of “working out” but not getting close to results I wanted, I started training with Brad on a recommendation from a friend.

After a just a few sessions, I completely trusted him. He listened to what I wanted to accomplish and we put a plan in place to achieve them and to my amazement the results happened exactly as planned! Over the 2.5 years, I have had a variety of goals from weight loss to toning to training for a half marathon and Brad has created a workout plan to reach all of my goals.

In the process, he has completely transformed my lifestyle and approach toward both fitness and nutrition. Brad is a fantastic person and it shows in his training. He is supportive, motivating, and a good pain the butt. Training with Brad has been a huge positive influence on my life. I highly recommend him for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals!*”

Bradley WiedlComment