Kathleen C, Greenwich

“As a former High School / College Athlete, I never thought I would want or need to hire a personal trainer to get me back into my desired shape. For the two years prior to working with Brad, I let myself slip into that comfortable relationship stage where you are happy, eating, and have not a care in the world.... until you realize how far into the weight gain black hole you’ve gone. 

I got engaged in April of 2013 and tried to start getting back into shape on my own for my October 2014 wedding. A year later, I was very frustrated since I was not making the progress that used to come so easily in my early 20’s. I decided to turn to another route, and I could not be happier that I did! After my first meeting with Brad, I realized he was the person I needed to help keep me motivated. He is very friendly, has a great sense of humor, yet knows how to make you feel bad about yourself (in a positive way!) if you aren’t trying hard enough!! There was a huge emphasis on diet and muscle building, which in the past I didn’t focus enough on. I did two sessions a week for 6 months, and the results were awesome. On my wedding day, I looked slim and toned, and I also felt great. I highly recommend Brad to any bride or woman looking to get back on the right track for your special day or just in general. He kept my goal in mind at every session, and tailored the workouts to what I needed and kept them fresh and different. Thank you Brad!!*”

Bradley WiedlComment