Lisa C, Greenwich

“Having recently moved to CT, I was looking for a trainer to help me get back into a regular workout routine that could fit into my busy schedule. I’ve had trainers on and off over the last 15 years and know the value they bring by not only keeping me focused on staying in shape but also pushing me harder than I would normally push myself. My busy schedule prevents me from having time to go to a gym, so having someone come to my home was very important to me.

I found Brad’s website and decided to meet him to discuss my fitness goals and his approach. I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and conscientious so I signed on for two sessions a week. He comes to every session prepared with a workout tailored to my goals, abilities and that are focused on correcting areas I might be having issues with, for example when I had lower back pain from a recent injury suffered on vacation. In a one hour session, I get a full body workout that is challenging yet fun. He mixes up the routines so they continue to be interesting. He lets me whine and adjusts my workout to exercises I like to do vs. exercises I can’t stand. In addition to that, Brad has a great personality, makes me laugh, and has come to be a friend. He is now working out with my boyfriend Jeff as well. We have double sessions on Saturdays and are both very pleased with our progress. 

I highly recommend Brad for helping you reach your fitness goals. While I think having a trainer is very beneficial, I also know that it’s up to me to follow through, continue working out on my own and eating a healthy diet. If you can do your part, hiring Brad will almost certainly ensure you’ll reach your goals.*”
Bradley WiedlComment