Megan L, Stamford

"I met Brad about four years ago and since then, he has changed the way I look at fitness. Not only was Brad a great trainer, he was a great source of knowledge for living a healthier life style. I started working with Brad when I was training for my first half marathon. When we started training, Brad wanted to know what my specific goals were for my half marathon and he set out a path on how I can reach them. I was doing things at the gym that I have never been introduced to and every workout was completely different, which kept me on my toes at all times. I was able to achieve my goals for my half marathon because of the strength that I built up with the training sessions. I had never felt stronger.

Similar to the half marathon training, when I was preparing for my wedding, Brad had put together a six month plan in order for me to reach my goals for the big day. During this time, Brad was an incredible coach, physically and mentally. He provided guidelines for a healthier diet and challenging training sessions every time we met. Thanks to Brad, I felt confident on my wedding day and cannot thank him enough!

I would highly recommend Brad to anyone as he was by far the best trainer I have worked with!"

Bradley WiedlComment